Love pretty, feminine embroidered patterns AND snarky slogans? Locher’s has got you covered. The Paris-based indie clothing company offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, totes and jewelry that combine delicate floral embroideries with slogans like “Queen of fucking everything,” “I’m a bitch before and after coffee” and “Not a single fuck shall be given today."


“I just love love love embroidery, and I find it always so exhilarating to find them on granny’s handkerchiefs or tablecloth and I thought, what a shame to have them sitting in a dark drawer only to be taken out once in a while,” designer Nicole Locher told BUST in an email interview.

“So I decided to put such delightful designs on clothing for the worlds to see and break that goody-two-shoes sweetness with some cheeky saying to give it that special OMG YEAH! Also, wearing a top with a stitched saying you choose specifically because its after your own heart makes it more personal and I love that. I love to imagine what story a certain top holds for the wearer when strutting around town with it because they are great conversation starters…”

Nicole’s favorite sweatshirt models aren’t the gamine young women featured on her website but “older little ladies wearing my stuff here in Paris.”

“They still dress with such style and finesse that their trends are far more interesting to me to watch than what's happening in the ‘high fashion world,’ but in general people with a good sense of humor that don't take themselves too seriously,” she wrote.

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