I joined Instagram about two years ago and we’ve had our ups and downs – seeing everyone’s filtered life can actually be really difficult by making your own life look so dull in comparison. But the greatest gift Instagram has given me is solidarity with my curly-haired community and aside from friends and family, my feed now consists almost entirely of spectacularly beautiful women (and occasional men!) rocking so many different styles that I almost can’t keep up. 

Like most women with naturally curly hair, I’ve spent a disappointing majority of my life fighting it. I’ve had long hair down past my bra line, a pixie cut so short that people couldn’t recognize who I actually was (please don’t ever ask to see my driver’s license), and every length in between. I’ve tried to look like Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, Natalie Portman, Shakira, and Halle Berry. I’ve spent so much money on products and expensive haircuts that it makes me nauseous if I think too hard about it. But no two curly girls are the same, and seeing the myriad styles, colors, and cuts has helped me love my hair even more and fight it even less.


Here are ten Instagram accounts that will do the same for you:


1. The Naturals Life 

Instagram has provided a platform for the natural hair movement, and this account perfectly represents the diversity, beauty, and FUN of  it all. Check it out for a bounty of tips, praise for products, and the occasional curly girl meme. 


2. Naturally Curly 


The official Instagram account for NaturallyCurly.com is full of before-and-after pics, tons of unique styles, product info, and tips for girls with any hair type. Make sure you check out the website to find yours (3b/c speaking!) and discover your universe for all things curly. 


3. DevaCurl 


I'll admit that the DevaCut and the No 'Poo products were disappointing for me. But tons of women - almost 40k, but who's counting? - have found solace in the DevaCurl brand. Whether their products work for you or not, their Instagram account will make you drool. 


4. Curls Understood


Another account full of beautiful faces and helpful tips and tricks. The IG account is the gateway to their website - subscribe to My.CurlsUnderstood.com for a monthly box of products and samples that meet your unique hair needs! 


5. Unruly Curls 


Unruly is a London-based salon, where hoards of women flock to the infamous sorcerer Michael Price and his team of curly-hair-magicians. Leaving Unruly was the only time I left a salon without crying. Follow their Instagram to see their cuts and styles and curly hair heroes. 


6. Amazing Natural Hair 



This New York-based account features natural hair styles - twists to braids to the perfect 'fro in shades of red and blonde and gray - that are camera-ready but approachable. These are the natural girls you'll sit next to in class or see on the subway, but try not to follow them around and beg for tips. Ogle them on Instragram, instead!  


7. Naturally Hair 


More stunning women showing off all the infinite things you can do with your curly hair. You'll want to wear your sunglasses for this one, because shit is going to get BRIGHT. 


8. Tracee Ellis Ross


I've avoided celebrity Instagram accounts thus far, but Tracee Ellis Ross feels more like your cool older sister than she does an award winning actress. Her page is full of hilarious videos, gorgeous snapshots, and of course, her hair is always, always on point. 

Plus, earlier this year, she gave us a sweet guide to #EasySelfieCurls in this video: 



9. Curly Natural


"The best curls are natural," reads their Instagram headline. And with 74k followers and counting - they must be right.  


10. Coralie Jouhier 


These ginger curls will break your heart. Coralie Jouhier is a French model, food blogger, and freckled goddess who might give you some of that Instagram-envy if you focus too much on all those tropical beaches and colorful dishes. But her hair's a revelation, and I can't look away. 


Photos via Instagram 


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