Remember the days of shiny platform shoes, plaid, choker necklaces and halter tops, otherwise known as the '90s? We do too. Here at BUST, we’ve been celebrating the style of real girls in their real clothes in our "Fashion Nation" pages since 1998. To celebrate 17 years of authentic female fashion, we are hitting today’s #ThrowbackThursday with some looks from ’98 and ’99.


"Fashion Nation" made its debut in the summer/fall issue of 1998 with dresses over pants and platform sandals. 

“I love to wear skirts, but I’m too active—without the pants I would be flashing everybody all day. So it’s functional. I also like that it looks kind of ridiculous. I mean, what can I say? I’m from fucking Delaware,” Danielle told BUST in 1998. 

Wen-chi (left) described her look as “Asian techno bag lady.”

Delia (left) told BUST in 1998 that she had five gingham dresses in her wardrobe including the plastic one worn by Tiffany (right). “It’s kind of like a table cloth,” Delia said.

The working girls from our spring 1999 issue were not just working it in boots and skirts, they are also some of our favorite “Sexecutives” from the time.

 Melissa (left) and Shannon (right) rocked the “bossest office wear money can buy,” in 1999.

New Fall Issue d217c

Pinstripes and pecks with (left to right) Cynical, Melissa, and Shannon. 

BUST’s fall 1999 issue featured four fab women in the clothes that make them feel most like themselves. 

Julana, wearing a bandana and a skirt, said that she would describe her style as “stylish and moody,” with her clothing choices depending on how she feels when she wakes up.

(Right-Left) Lana’s ethnic style combined Indian, American Indian and East Asian styles, while her sister Harley pulled inspiration from Mary J. Blige. “I totally relate to her,” Harley said.

“I think a lot of things are left over from imprints that were made on me when I was younger, like seeing Olivia Newton-John in Grease—like at the end,” Lucy told BUST in 1999 about her personal style.

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Share your ‘90s fashion throwbacks with us in the comments below. 

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