With Game of Thrones coming back to HBO April 12th (are you as excited as we are?) we decided to indulge in the lovely braid styles on the show, you know, just in case you wanna ring in the new season by cosplaying as one of these fierce ladies…

The glorious Khaleesi Hair Braid: 


Cersei’s Rope braid simplified (cause let’s be honest, trying to do most of her hairstyles will require quite a lot of breaks for your arms):

Sansa Stark has grown into a young lady now, but here’s a classic Sansa throwback to remind us of simpler times:


Margaery Tyrell’s Twist can give you such an ethereal feel

And even though Catelyn Tully is no longer with us (*sniff* Whhhyyyy!?!), her signature tucked braid is still one we love: 

 Images from Pinterest, hairromance, Youtube, imgarcade.com, masterherald