There is nothing quite as nice as slipping into a soft, comfy, these-fit-perfectly pair of underwear. Smooth organic cotton, toxin-free dye, and no sweatshops involved feels really great on the body—could such an undie exist? Sure can. At Pansy, the organic cotton underwear company out of San Leandro, CA has caught the eye of those in search of a sustainable line of lingerie and intimates.

Now, Pansy has gained more positive attention for their new photo shoot starring mama’s-to-be. In an untouched and stunning shoot two women, jewelry designer, Ariel Clute, at eight months pregnant with twins and doula, Claire Moore, at four months pregnant, capture a yin and yang feel as they lounge in their comfortable lingerie.


What’s best is that the underwear being modeled here was not necessarily made just for pregnant ladies. “Our line is for all ladies,” Laura Schoorl, owner of Pansy, shared with BUST. “We were inspired to do a photo shoot with pregnant women because of all the positive feedback about the fit of Pansies from customers with growing bellies. We wanted to show that our underwear fit all types of bodies, even ones growing twins.”

All of the Pansy photo shoots have been shot in film by awesome female photographers and modeled by close friends. The Pregnant-In-Pansies shoot was done by Terri Loewenthal, a mother herself. She shares with BUST the easy-going nature of the photoshoot:

"We had to do this shoot quickly, since one of our pregnant models was due to pop any second. The simplicity made it especially fun. We just went for it—I borrowed a ladder from my neighbor, the available light was what it was, and we were finished in an hour."

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"The pregnant body is an incredibly beautiful thing, but it can be tricky to get the angles just right. We didn't want these shots to look anything like typical pregnancy photos, so i just kept that in mind while dancing above the ladies with my camera. I gave them subtle direction and encouragement, and when everything fell into place, I clicked." — Terri Loewenthal

"I love shooting with film. Not only are the results superior, but it keeps everyone on set in the moment. After all, the best photos are the ones where the camera seems invisible to whomever is being photographed." — Terri Loewenthal

Photographs courtesy of Terri Loewenthal 

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