Zendaya Coleman looked straight-up flawless at this years Oscars, rocking a stunning Vivienne Westwood gown and long natural locs. But even perfection can’t escape E! Fashion Police unscathed, and this time it was a doozy. Giuliana Rancic said Zendaya’s hair “made her feel like it smelled like patchouli…” Which is when Kathy Griffin jumped in with “or weed!” And Rancic enthusiastically agreed, “Or weed!” This blatant casual racism did not go unnoticed by Zendaya, who came back with all the empowered furiosity one can expel on Twitter:

Rancic responded with the classic, “I’m sorry you feel that way” apology:


Which is right around when Kelly Osbourne, self-proclaimed best friend of Zendaya, threatened to leave Fashion Police altogether:


Up until this point E! had yet to respond to the accusations of racism, but we’re assuming it was the fear of losing Kelly Osbourne that drove them to shove wide-eyed Rancic in front of a camera with a heartfelt apology. The apology itself did seem genuine, but falls flat when it comes to the ignorance shown in not only the comments made, but the sheer stupidity of not realizing these remarks were indeed incredibly offensive:


Fashion Police, a show that in Giuliana Rancic’s own words “is meant to poke fun at celebrities in good spirit” has finally crossed over the line they have been precariously treading for so long, right into a big pile of truth.

Images c/o Elle, Twiter