"Girls (should) have access to clothes that tell them that they can be and do anything."—this is the idea behind Princess Awesome, a clothing line that is destroying gender stereotypes by letting "girls decide what it means to be girly." 

What started out as a simple Kickstarter campaign is now raising the bar for children's clothing everywhere. 


Founders Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair told Buzzfeed, "We're not sure who decided that girls (had) to choose between spaceships and ribbons, sparkles and science." When they found it impossible to track down clothes that blended both tulle and T-Rex dinosaurs, they began to create their own that dawned trucks, the periodic table, railroad tracks, and even the symbol for Pi—because if a kiddo likes planets, but also some glitter then why shouldn't they have both? 


We are so excited to see educational subjects and different types of occupancies become synonymous with playing dress-up. Want to be Princess of the Construction Zone? Go right ahead. Here are some of the cute designs available: 


Am I already ordering one for my non-existent child? Probably.