As if this week wasn't awesome enough when Joan Didion appeared in the latest Céline ads, now we've got yet another timeless beauty and talented woman being featured as the face of a top tier fashion brand. Joni Mitchell—along with artists like Courtney Love, Marianne Faithfull, Kim Gordon, Marilyn Manson, and more—showed up in Yves Saint Laurent's newest campaign, and at first glance this pairing couldn't be more perfect. 

According to the fashion house's Twitter account, the singer was photographed in her California home wearing a bespoke cape by YSL's creative director (fabricated, of course, especially for Joni). For now, all we're getting is a peek at the shoot, but if you're itching to see the more don't miss this month's issue of V magazine, where the rest of the images will be released.


If the first 10 days of 2015 are any indication of the way media and advertisers are warming up to more inclusive beauty ideals, then it's going to be a pretty stellar year in that department. Bring it on!

Image c/o YSL Twitter