Wish there was another way to celebrate the heroes in your life? Dear Kate underwear (who we wrote about not too long ago) just released their latest lookbook to celebrate the superheroes of our past and present. 

The new limited edition collection is the League of Ladies + Dear Kate collection, named so because the innovative and sexy yet period-proof underwear brand collaborated with the League of Ladies to design a line of underwear that features four notable women who inspire us: Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, and Amelia Earhart (just don't attempt to circumnavigate the globe in your skivvies). The chosen ladies and their models are meant to represent smarts, strength, creativity, courage and badassery.  


Similar to their last "controversial" underwear lookbook for the Ada Collection, Dear Kate chose to use real women instead of professional models, to show off their new styles. From Dear Kate:

Our Marie is Kelly Carnes, a science communicator in Washington DC. Harriet is represented by Zoe Travis, an actor and playwright with a passion for social justice that she weaves into her thespian projects. Our Amelia is Roxanne Fequiere as she is flying in the face of traditional print giants being the founder and editor-in-chief of Golly Magazine. Frida is modeled by Jackie Zebrowski, a comedian who brings her relentless honesty and self-awareness to life on stage, and also stars in a new web-series, "Rare Birds of Fashion." 

When the Ada collection caused a stir back in August for daring to suggest women can pose in their underwear to represent an array of diverse and talented people without sacrificing all their dignity, Dear Kate's founder Julie Sygiel told Fortune:

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"We are surprised that it is being perceived as being somewhat controversial. It says something about our society and it’s sad in some ways because posing in your underwear doesn’t say anything about your capability or intelligence. You should be able to wear whatever you want without people making assumptions about what’s going on inside."

In fact, the fashion shoot was so un-controversial that fans of Dear Kate took to Instagram and Twitter to photograph themselves in their underwear and share with the hashtag #NotControversial. The criticism of the original photo shoot and the ensuing response on the internet put the underwear brand in the spotlight while also shining a light on how we talk about women's bodies. 

Shop the new collection here! And tell us in the comments, who are your heroes?


Photography by Laura Findlay and Dear Kate. 

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