Well ladies, it's that time of year again, with the trees about to shed their leaves and 2015 looming right around the corner. If, like me, you have decided to revamp your wardrobe, then look no further than emerging style icon, well-spoken women's rights advocate, and all-around badass lady Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Everyone could use a little Supreme Court dowager in their closet: equal parts eccentricity, black robe, and thoughtful dissent

If you saw Justice Ginsburg’s supreme collection of detachable collars (I mean, jabots) - you know what I’m talking about. Here are ten fashionable collars that will have you looking classy and powerful for fall, just like RBG. Now to begin curating my own treasure trove of jabots... 

1. Classic White Lace at Ninellfux ($39.00)



2. Cats from Byelhe ($25.95)


3. Bright and floral from MUHAMORS ($20.00)


4. Go vintage from CloudAvenue ($18.00)


5. High drama ivory from KarybdisAtelier ($51.91)


6. Necktie inspired collar from tlcHaberdashery ($35.50)



7. Fierce dragon scales! From AliceAndSara ($40.00)


8. Wednesday Addams vibe from LittleBunga ($13.00)


9. Leather cut-out from EllaSpalding ($33.03)


10. If Ginsburg has a sailor collar, we can't not have a sailor collar...from majsk ($20.00)


Bonus: learn how to make your own and never go collarless again - it's unconstitutional, really. 

 Have fun, look great and all hail the Notorious R.B.G.!


Images via New Yorker, Ninellfux, Byelhe, MUHAMORS, CloudAvenue, KarybdisAtelier, tlcHaberdasheryAliceAndSaraLittleBunga, EllaSpalding, majsk, Rookie