Though the language used in its commercial smacks of “so simple, even a woman can understand it,” I must admit that the Cuff is a pretty cool invention. It’s a little chip (or “tiny device with technology inside,” as the commercial puts it) worn in a piece of jewelry that, among other useful tricks, can send an alert to someone’s phone when you’re in danger.


Just press the device, and a message gets sent to a friend or family member with your location, as well as audio of what’s happening at the scene.


Cuff also buzzes when you get a call or text, alerts you if you leave your phone behind somewhere (this one would be so helpful to me), and monitors your daily activity like a pedometer. 


You can wear your Cuff in a pendant or one of five bracelets. You can also take it out and put it in a new piece of jewelry whenever the mood strikes, and charge it in their special jewelry box over night. All the options are quite stylish, but supplies are very limited, so make sure you pre-order soon.

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