It’s Thursday and we're (finally) nearing the end of the work week and we have the perfect thing for you to treat yo' self to in celebration of the upcoming weekend. (C'mon, you know you deserve it.)


Jessica Delfino, aka hilarious mastermind behind the song “My Pussy is Magic”, is handcrafting feminist underwear that is 1000% body positive and perfect for any occasion. As described by Delfino, these are “beautiful ladies panties that offer empowering feminist messages for the strong woman in you!”


Our lovely underwear chanteuse, Jessica Delfino

Of course, they come in many styles and colors, including: 

- bikini

- boy shorts

- g-strings

- briefs





- anti-patriarchy pink

- gender neutral blue

- matriarchy melon

- womanism white



Of course, these underwear would not be complete without some BUST-worthy captions. There are three stellar options: “I <3 My Vagina”, “Peace, Love & Vaginas”, and of course, “My Pussy is Magic”.  Sizes are available upon request. 



These panties support Delfino’s fall tour that will bring her unabashed feminist blend of comedy and music across the ocean to England and other locations! Check out her new album Songs To Make War To: 14 Anarchist Anthems For The Whole Family on Soundcloud. Don’t you or another lady/person with a vagina in your life deserve these pussy-positive panties?


All images via Jessica Delfino, Kyle Makrauer (@