Baddiewinkle’s Instagram captures all of the social media lingo, poses, trends, and hashtags so well that it sometimes seems like satire. This sassy lady promises to “steal your man” and even strives to be on the Ellen show while posting psychedelic selfies and twerking.

It’s almost as thought she went through a teen girl’s Instagram and duplicated her wardrobe, poses, and captions. 


Exhibit A: Baddiewinkle reppin a peace sign and a shirt that says "90’s child" with the caption: “sup.” She is such a badass!

“Why twerk when you can hula hoop”


 “Turn down for what”


"straight up"

I seriously want to meet her and be her best friend. Please never grow up, Baddie! 

Without a doubt, #wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday).

All images courtesy of instagram