Halloween is approaching, which means it is socially acceptable to sport the most outrageous nails ever! If your nail art skills are anything like mine (nonexistent), you might want to get a head start. Here are 13 spooktacular (GET IT?!) ideas to get you in the nail art spirit. 



1. Candy Corn Glitter Bomb Polish: Perfect for a simple, easy nail. Apply black nail polish, and once it's dry, coat it with this crazy awesome glitter! 


2. Hocus Pocus Witches: BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T WANT THESE FABULOUS LADIES ON THEIR NAILS?! (downside: this will probably take you until next Halloween to complete)


3. Monsters, Ghosts & Witches: Pick your favorite halloween creatures and apply them to your nails! I'm sure it's suuuper easy...right guys..right?


4. Candy Corn: Simple, yet ~elegant~ And also delicious looking.


5. Pumpkin Patch: Classic Halloween and also super pretty.


6. Eyes: Minimalist spookiness, and probably not too time consuming!


7. Haunted Houses: These are the best because THE WINDOWS LOOK LIKE EYES.



8. Vampire Fangs: I don't know if you guys knew this, but vampires are pretty in right now.


9. Spider Webs and Spiders: 'Cause who doesn't love spiders. RIGHT?


10. Jack-o-Lanterns: For those who wish to forgo sticking their hands in a pumpkin to carve a face.


11. Ghosts: Cute, simple, and on my nail art level.


12. Sparkly Spiders and Cats: For the (really) ambitious nail artist. Also, SOO SPARKLY.


13. Skeletons: These are the chillest. Like bone-chilling ha ha ha...annddd I'M OUT.


Thanks to Pinterest

This post was published on October 22, 2013



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