If the latest issue of New York Magazine is the big Fall Fashion issue, then why is Lake Bell gracing it in her birthday suit? Does the latest fall trend require me to bare my nipples to the world, too?

Correction— I suppose no nipples are necessary. Lake appears to shield those little bits with a false tattoo. Two leaves covering her nipples and a hand delicately placed over her crotch is now the height of haute couture. But seriously, where’s the fashion?


Don’t get me wrong, Lake is easy on the eyes and has a beautiful body and there’s nothing wrong with embracing that. She looks great on the cover and photographer Mark Seliger did gorgeous job with the images. But I just don’t think it makes much sense to put a model on the cover of New York Magazine’s Fall Fashion issue without showing a single piece of clothing.



Lake and tattoo artist husband, Scott Campbell

The flower tattoo on Lake’s chest is in fact a design by Marc Jacobs, an “it” designer in the fashion world who is himself covered in ink. But as a woman with tattoos myself, I don't ever plan on referring to them as an “outfit,” no matter how many of them I have or what necessary bits they cover.

What do you guys think? Is the fact that the tattoo sported by Lake was a Marc Jacobs original enough to make it a fashion statement? Let me know what you BUSTies think.

Thanks to New York Magazine

Photos via New York Magazine and Hollywood Life