When You Care Enough To Send The Very Breast... - BUST

Do you have some love  you want to get off your chest and can’t quite find the right words to express it? Is there a holiday coming up, perhaps today, that you think deserves a sassy, hilarious card? Did your best friend nominate you to be her Valentine and now you feel obligated to deliver? Do you just like to send funny e-cards to your friend across the office, giggling your way through a dreary Tuesday? ALL THE ABOVE?!

Well, send your friends/lovers/co-workers one (or two or fifteen) of these bad ass BUST Cards, like my personal favorite:

Go ahead and hover your cursor on the Community link at the BUST.com task bar, click BUST Cards, select a category, browse, cackle in your cubicle, and send away. They are too glamorous to keep to yourself!

BUST Cards