Adele Wins 6 Grammy Awards, Might Have Blown Her Nose on One of Them - BUST

I have totally and completely fallen in love with Adele, the Cockney-accented diva (or diva-to-be, as the already-celebrated songstress is only 23 years old). Though I am still mourning Whitney, I was giddy about how elegant Adele looked in her vintage-inspired dresses while winning  6 Grammys last night (including the coveted Album of the Year award for 21). My friend commented that Adele was channeling fellow foxy Brit Kate Winslet with her new blonde 'do, and I had to agree. She was f*cking fierce. 

Last night's performance of "Rolling in the Deep" was tinged with adorable nervousness (she has admitted to serious stage fright in the past, and is recovering from a recent throat surgery), but it was still powerful. Adele has faced some hard times this year, from the aforementioned surgery (to remove a polyp on her vocal cord) to dealing with media criticism about her body (looking at you, Karl Lagerfeld), but there's no denying her victories. It was a treat to watch Adele onstage last night; she was, hands down, the belle of the ball. 

Watch her teary acceptance speech:


And catch her 60 Minutes interview, in which she talks cursing, gossip and love with Anderson Cooper:

I hope we'll be hearing more from Adele for years to come.

[Image Credit: CBS]

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