Burrito Baby, you're the one. - BUST

I love the internet, because it allows for pictures like this to be exposed to the world. I don't know how many times I've ordered a burrito and thought "I feel like I'm about to ingest an infant." Which I've always thought was a unique, vaguely disturbing thought- apparently it's not! This picture proves that I'm not a sicko! Hallelujah! Burritos have the same heft and warmth of a baby. Except burritos are significantly more delicious. This picture is also great because it's an actual FOOD BABY. Awww yeah!

Viral images, man. So good! Sometimes, you just need some visual stimulation. Get like Andy Warhol , don't read- look at pictures! Do you guys have any pictures that are floating around the interwebs that need sharing? Some of my favorites are:


Cat Rolling a Watermelon:

(How did this happen? I have so many questions.)


Nothing Really Mattress:

anyone can see (Queen remix oh baby)


Darth Vader filtering water, in the ocean..?:

So... Many... Questions...


Mike Tyson making two doves makeout:

Really highlights Tyson's gentle, non facial tattooed- ear biting maniac side. So touching. So tender. Still terrifying.