Crafts and Sex Go Together Like BUST and Babeland! - BUST

This Thursday BUST’s very own Crafty Lady, Callie Watts, returns to the kinky crafting table of the BUST in Babeland Customer Appreciation Party to help you make a DIY “sexy sleepover kit!”

Check out Babeland blog’s recent interview with Callie here, where they chat about her crafting experiences, the similarities between sex and crafts, and the successful “safer sex leg-holsters” featured at last year’s Kinky Crafting event at Babeland.

Nervous about doing some sexy crafting? Callie says not to worry, "If someone made it before, you can make it too, you just need patience and time to experiment with trial and error! It will always be worth it in the long run to have something personal and made by your own loving hands."

So join the party! Nearly all of Babeland’s exciting merchandise will be 20% off, and there will be loads of free things, including drinks from Tito's Handmade Vodka, a raffle to win a toy from Babeland and a subscription to BUST, and the first 50 people will receive a goodie bag complete with Babeland's Silver Bullet vibratorSir Richard’s condoms, and an issue of BUST Magazine! Could you ask for a more pleasurable evening?

See you at Babeland SoHo (located at 43 Mercer St. between Broome and Grande) tomorrow, Thursday the 14th from 7-10pm! Admission is totally free.