Cool Stuff Spotlight On: Jade & Pearl's BEAT IT! - BUST

As I've learned recently, New York City mosquitoes in the summertime are no joke. Between picnics on the grass and apartments with windows that can't close, my roommate and I have spent a lot of time contending with the little bugs and even more time slapping and scratching our bites.  That's why we were both relieved when Jade & Pearl sent us their new all natural insect repellant, BEAT IT!

The thing I love about BEAT IT! is that the ingredient list is super short and I can identify/pronounce every one of them.  It's made from a combination of essential oils including lemongrass, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, and mint.  It also has aloe vera (to soothe your sore bites) with a base of water and coconut oil.  Trust me, this scent will transport you to a relaxing spa in Thailand.  One of my friends even insisted I spray it as an air freshner every time he came over.  Additionally, it contains no DEET and is not an aerosol so its good for the planet!

My roommate loved it because it kept the bugs off her at night.  We had to keep our windows open to keep the heat down in our apartment and apparently she is a huge target for the mosquitoes.  However, after using BEAT IT! she had barely any bites.  BEAT IT! wards off more than just mosquitoes; it also gets rid of deer flies, yellow flies, black flies, horse flies, fleas, ticks, chiggers, red bugs, no-see-ums, and all other biting bugs.  

I'm definitely going to take it camping with me this fall!