4 Ways Smokers Survive The Holidays With Juul - BUST

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Visiting family for the holiday season can be insanely stressful, between budgeting for travel and dealing with tons of family (some of who may be annoying, some of who are definitely crazy, and some of who suck at dealing with that crazy). On top of that, I’m a long-time cigarette smoker and I feel that adds a level of complexity to traveling, as I’m finding myself having to think about things like pre-planning my smoke breaks and even worrying about how I’m smelly to my family. Not to mention it is cold and you have to be away from your cat.

But this year, I found JUUL, a satisfying vapor alternative that eases the travel struggle for me in 4 simple ways.

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1. Packing smart. 

Like most New Yorkers, I don’t drive. What this means is that I either have to take a ton of packs of cigarettes with me when I visit home, which takes up valuable space in my carry-on, or I have to bother someone in my family to drive me to the store whenever I need to re-up. Conveniently, JUUL is just 3 1/2 inches long and super portable, and the pod packs come 4 in a box—one pod is roughly the same as 1 pack of cigarettes. I can easily fit the starter kit and an extra pack of JUUL-pods in my purse, so I save space and I don’t have to annoy anyone to get a ride.

2. Taking a mini break.

I am the only one in my family who lives in New York, so that means I am expected to travel to the fam, the fam does not come to me. This means I am in for, at a minimum, a four-hour bus ride—but with holiday traffic, that can easily turn into over six hours. With JUUL, I can jump out at a pit stop, take a few puffs, and jump back in. I don’t have to rush smoking an entire cig. Never again will I light a cigarette just to have to stomp it out after one puff because the bus is taking off again and I spent too much time in the bathroom. That’s like throwing $5 on the ground if you are buying your cigarettes in New York!

3. Staying INSIDE.

Unlike cigarettes, JUUL doesn’t have a lingering smell. Which means that if you're family's okay with it—and mine is—you can just roam around puffing away without causing a stink. That way, you can keep your slippers on and avoid the freezing cold altogether (and even avoid having to discard all those old cigarette butts altogether).

4. Sharing the love. 

Even though family can be stressful and some of them are really hard to deal with, we still love them and may even want to hug them (but remember, no one is obligated to hug you and you are not obligated to hug anyone, either). JUUL makes the goodbyes easier on the nose for everyone by cutting out the stale cig smell that usually lingers on your clothes and hair. You made it, you survived the holidays, and you left without trailing a cloud of stinky smoke! 

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*Discount JUUL provided by the good folks at JUUL Labs, Inc.

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