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Here at BUST, we’re all about the self-love. And by that we mean masturbation. So we were very happy to test out some ~luxury~ vibes from adult toy store Adam & Eve. And you can try them out too with this BUST exclusive deal — Enter code BUST at checkout to get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada (Certain exclusions apply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee). We had three BUST ladies of different vibe experience levels try out some luxury vibes. Here’s what they learned:

TESTER #1: VIBE BEGINNER: Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager, $69.95

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For years I denied even knowing how to mastubate, let alone use a vibrator. I was so ridden with guilt and shame, because who reassures teenage girls that it masturbation is perfectly normal? I was a mastermind of creating my own vibrations back then, but it wasn’t until my senior year of college when I was gifted a real one. There were several speeds and vibrations, but I never really explore past the first two. I wasn’t trying to explore myself sexually, I was trying to get in and get off.

Attracted to the Peak for its vibrant pink color, I became a bit apprehensive upon unboxing, as I realized that I chose the vibrator solely because it was bright pink and didn’t really acknowledge the other options. Imagine my surprise to learn that the Peak is not battery operated. It has to be charged, which is great economically, and it made me laugh to have to plug the vibrator into the wall.

I promised my boyfriend I'd let him participate in the inaugural vibe session. Excited because of his excitement, we turned the Peak on. Speed I was so fast and hard I was convinced I bypassed the first speed. I had not. I was intimidated. My boyfriend was not. We fooled around with the Peak for not very long as the Peak is a no-nonsense vibrator. I came so hard and so quick, I went deaf for 15 seconds. Then, I tried the Peak several times without him. They weren't long sessions either, because I was behind the wand. By myself, I can't keep up with the Peak, and I really like that. It’s perfect for anyone trying to get in, get off, and get out. 

TESTER #2: VIBE INTERMEDIATE: The Swan Wand, $149.95

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I’ve used a couple different vibes in my day, but because I am your typical broke twentysomething, I’ve never used a vibe quite like the Swan. My first vibe ever was a $5 bullet vibe from Amazon that broke in about three days, and while I learned my lesson there, I’ve never dropped more than $30 on a vibrator. Which means I’d never used a silicone vibe before — only (cue Cady Heron in Mean Girls voice) cold, hard, shiny plastic. The softer feel of silicone was a definite plus, and I might never go back to plastic vibes. I’d also never used a vibe that had so many different settings — along with different levels of intensity, there are multiple pulse settings, for a total of seven different functions you can use on either end. If you can’t do math, that’s 14 different feelings total, and double that to 28 because you can use either end for clit stimulation or penetration.

Those pulse settings were my fave, especially "the Wave," but the sheer number of different vibration possibilities made me want to take my time and try them all. The Swan was a big step up from my $20, one-to-three settings, get-the-job-done plastic vibes, which meant I got myself into the spirit with clean sheets and candlelight before spending some quality time with the Swan. Masturbation never felt so luxurious.

TESTER #3: VIBE PRO: The Bella Wand Massager, $53.56

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When it comes to sex toys, I’ve always preferred penetrative toys that also provide clitoral stimulation. So, with my past vibe experience, I’ve always gone for rabbit vibrators. I figured it would be a good idea to explore the world of vibes a bit further. This particular vibe is a wand massager, and despite my initial speculation, I was very much pleasantly surprised. This vibe is clearly well made, and I really appreciated the 10 different vibration settings, because it really helps you to control the stimulation. I’ve seen vibes with a few different settings, but having this many options helps you to personalize the experience. The vibe itself is extremely soft, as well as waterproof (hooray for some fun in the shower)!

I usually opt for putting on some porn and attempting to reach orgasm ASAP, but this is the kind of vibe that makes you want to light some candles and play *insert your favorite “sexy music” here.* One of the best parts about this vibe is that it comes with jewelry! That’s right, talk about the ultimate luxury experience. I’ve never gotten a vibe that comes with an accessory before, and now that I have, I’m never turning back. The vibe comes with a rose gold metal bracelet that reads “she believed she could so she did.” Nothing like a feminist vibe to get you going. I, off course, took this quote to heart when transitioning to a new type of vibe. And I believed I could, so I did!