There’s a new pro-ho website in town, and she wants you to "come inside."

Slutist calls itself a place for those of us who “embrace the YES.” It’s for those who own their hot bods and do whatever they want with them. Mostly, it’s for people who identify as sluts, which may or may not be your cup of tea.


The word ‘slut’ packs a punch. Some feminists hate it, and for good reason – it’s been spat at women for generations, from such hateful, grimy places as dark alleyways and Rush Limbaugh’s mouth. But lots of folks have been working to reclaim it and shift its meaning toward something empowering and positive. Lots and lots of folks! Some of them through books and campaigns, most notably SlutWalk, a movement that speaks out against shaming women (especially survivors of assault) about what they wear.


Riding this wave of pro-slut activism (or ‘slutism’), Slutist dives deeper into the movement with thoughtful personal narratives and fun pop culture critiques. It’s got music, art, and fashion reviews, political news coverage (“Politicunt”), a calendar of slut events, even a Slut of the Month. Clearly, this site is well-equipped to fulfill (almost) all of your slutty needs. My personal favourite Slutist find is the Twitter trend #catsaresluts. If I’m late to that party, I won’t even apologize, because cats who werk it are timeless. TIMELESS.

Do you identify as a slut? What’s your take on the pro-slut movement? Leave a comment, and go read some Slutist with your bad self.


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