Is it just us, or has porn been getting a lot more awesome over the past few years? With increasingly subversive plots and down-to-earth stars, there's never been less shame in getting down and dirty. Hell, it might even become noble, thanks to the Berlin activists behind Fuck for Forest (via Grist). The group's modus operandi is right there in the name: Fuck for Forest uses the profits of their sexy home videos to buy portions of the increasingly endangered rainforest. Who knew porn could be so topical?

Fuck for Forest wants to spread the word (the word being "legs") about their cause as soon as possible, with an eponymous documentary scheduled to start screening next month. Watch the trailer for the movie that's sure to make SXSW a little more NSFW:


New Fall Issue d217c

Environmentalism has been running at such a stoner's pace lately that it's refreshing to see people proposing ambitious solutions to global issues. The fact that one such solution just happens to be porn makes it even better. Kids, your alone time is about to get a lot more productive.

Follow the adventures of Fuck for Forest here.

Image via Grist

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