Last week, we heard that the next season of 30 Rock will be its last. What’s more, the season will be short—only 13 episodes. But don’t worry: if you are experiencing the early stages of Tina Fey withdrawal, The Nerdist podcast has the remedy. This week, host Chris Hardwick shared an hour-long interview with Fey, which can be streamed online or downloaded for free on iTunes.

Fey is possibly the most famous guest to ever appear on the weekly podcast, and Hardwick is notably fanboyish. He cannot stop saying good things about Fey throughout the interview, and, frankly, it gets in the way of a thorough interview. It would be annoying, except you know you would do the exactly same thing.



Like the rest of us, Hardwick is in awe of all of Fey’s professional accomplishments. When asked how she found time to write a book (Bossypants) while simultaneously acting on a sitcom, writing for said sitcom, and starring in movies, she answers with typical self-deprecation, “The book is very short, I don’t know if you noticed that.” before adding, “And it still almost killed me.” 

Of course, she also FINALLY answers your burning questions like “what is your favorite ride at Disneyworld?” and more importantly, “Do you prefer broccoli or asparagus?” She’s also honest about how her looks are changing as she gets older. “I’m slowing transitioning to looking more and more like a vampire. I have this kind of Nosferatu-quality that’s presenting as how my features are aging.”

Images:, (artwork by Jenny Fine)