A recent survey looked into how young women and men feel about condom use, and not surprisingly, a quarter think it's a "hassle." Even though we all know how important safe sex is, sometimes we need reminders, so let's all remember the myriad consequences for having unprotected sex. Mull them over for a bit. If that's not evocative enough, just imagine me bouncing around in your bedroom, yelling the slogan I used to see on bus stops in San Francisco: "2-4-6-8, use a condom or masturbate!" OK, you probably don't want to imagine me in your room, but that slogan bears repeating. (And by the way, a safe-sex cheerleader is the only kind of cheerleader I would ever be.)

The Yahoo! article gets into various surveys, but the main points are:


-       Older men enjoy using condoms more than younger men. Which means that younger men are probably making a bigger deal out of it than they need to. It's a 10-second process that protects you from disease and pregnancy-- the trade-off seems pretty solid.

-       One person's pleasure is enhanced by that of their partner. So if one of the participants is free of worry, knowing that diseases and future diaper-changing are being fended off, the other will have more fun as well.

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-       Discussion about condom use should become a routine part of doctor’s visits, so that more people can be well-informed. Though we've all likely seen a condom being put on a banana in health class, some of us may have lingering questions, so let's make it easier for those who are confused to find answers.

You can find more safe-sex resources here:

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