If you happen to be on a birth control pill manufactured by Pfizer, Inc., you should 1) probably pick up a pregnancy test after work, 2) also a box of condoms, 3) send Pfizer a bill for it, and 4) try not to cry. The manufacturer just voluntarily recalled one million packages of Lo/Ovral-28, Norgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol after they noticed a “packaging error.” The packets should consist of three weeks of active pills and one week of sugar pills; but the last million might have contained incorrect amounts of each type of pill or are, in some cases, out of sequence. Like Hank Hooper on 30 Rock would say, that's a whoopsie-daisy, "like a baby or a woman would do." Except, of course, that this blunder just happens to be a big deal for women who don't want babies.

Seriously, though, here’s a link to the FDA website, which lists each affected pack. Also, Pfizer would like to assure you that you’re not unsafe (like you might be if you’re taking Yaz), but there is a small chance that you haven’t just been eating too many burritos lately.


Lo/Ovral pictured above (via MedHelp)


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