Hot off the presses – and I mean hot – is the new issue of Candy Rain. That’s 69 pages packed with pork swords, blood sausages, dumb sticks, whatever you want to call them. Previously called Ligerbeat, Candy Rain is made for and by women. This kaleidoscopic porn magazine is a colorful collage of dick pics, photo spreads of bangable guys, anecdotes and activities, for women who love dicks and a sense of humor.


What can you expect from Issue 2 of Candy Rain? Among other things, there are reader stories, plenty of sexual anecdotes and a veritable Facebook of dicks with hilarious captions, like “I wanna sing ‘Somewhere Out There’ to the moon, because I know that dick is sleeping somewhere under the same big sky.” You’ll love the moving tribute to Walt Whitman’s “Oh Captain, My Captain” – with dicks. Get your DIY on with Brooklyn Craft’s instructions for a vibe koozie, and get playful with games like “Growers and Showers: match the soft to the stiff” and “Dick Hunt.” My personal favorite is a mid-coitus interview with Suga Slim by the Editor in Queef, Calisha Jenkins. SO funny. 

New Fall Issue d217c

With an audio book coming out so that the hard of sight can enjoy some delicious dick too, look out for the official launch party coming soon. Issue 1 sold out, so be sure to order Issue 2 to prevent disappointment; you don’t want to miss these trouser snakes. Preview Issue 2 on Candy Rain. [Dicks behind the link!]

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