If this statement speaks to you, then chances are- it’s the only thing that’s spoken to you all day.

Unveiled at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Roxxxy, is a plastic doll to have sex with, AND then bore to death, with your awful conversations. If what you’ve been throwing down is not being picked up by the general human-based population, then this life-like robot is ready to be your prisoner.

Now available, Roxxxy, is the customizable female version of TrueCompanion.com's, sex robot line. But ladies, don’t worry!!! Rocky is on his way!!!


Owners can choose Roxxxy’s race, hair color and breast size all to their individual liking, as well as, one of five different programmed “personalities”, designed to engage the owner in conversation. Inventor Douglas Hines was quoted at the expo as saying, “She can’t cook, she can’t clean, but she can do almost anything else, if you know what I mean.”……HAHA! YES! We do! Good One!

We do the cooking and cleaning, Mr. Hines. Alive ladies. Don’t you try and take that away from us, fine sir. New Slogan: “World’s First Sex Robot- Now with more Gender Stereotypes!”


According to the website, “she can have an orgasm when you touch her”. WHAT?  NO WAY! You could never do that in real life. Frigid bitches.

New Fall Issue d217c


Frigid bitches, you say. Weird. That just so happens to be one of the customizable “personalities” available for your lady sex robot. Specifically, she goes by the name, Frigid Farrah- who is described as, reserved and shy. Wild Wendy- who is outgoing and adventurous, Mature Martha- (no description available, but, ew! gross! who would want an old lady? I bet her dish hands are so leathery!). And finally, S&M Susan- for the more adventurous types.


Mr. Hines says he was inspired by,…wait…wait…wait for it....9/11. He says, “It’s really about making a companion.” After losing a friend in the terror attacks, he got the idea of preserving someone’s likeness via artificial intelligence and the sex industry was just a good marketing fit for this type of technology. In this case, I suggest you keep the source of your muse a mystery. Cause now your sex robot is linked to terrorism.


If you can get past all of the above and the, ‘what nightmares are made of’, face on this doll, then you're that much closer to becoming a serial killer. You and Frigid Farrah will be ejaculating and chatting all over the place!...alternate new slogan.

Above Photo: Roxxxy & Creator, Douglas Hines.
Photo Courtesy: Associated Press


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