Eden Fantasys is doing a week of meaningful content related to World AIDS Day. It’s all about education and community – the two founding principles at EdenFantasys.com. As many know, World AIDS Day is today, Tuesday, December 1st. To commemorate this day, Eden Fantasys has launched a new weeklong project.


They're doing Twitter fundraiser; to help raise money, all you have to do is retweet. If #Eden1K4AIDS, gets 1,000 tweets, Eden Fantasys will donate $1,000 to the AIDS Service Center of New York City ! They've also filmed two videos, to give you more insight to ‘A Day in the Life at ASC-NYC’; they will be debuting this week.

To commemorate World AIDS Day 2009, SexIs and Eden Café present a special series of essays from the personal to the universal. Discover the innate mistakes and kindnesses of people, the spirit of community, the necessity of anger, and the absolute power of hope.

The World AIDS Day Project is comprised of a variety of new articles and essays – both personal and academic, on Eden Fantasys’ sex magazine SexIs, as well as on EF’s blog,  This week of dedicated articles and essays runs through Friday, December 4th. 



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