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While cruising CNN, I came across 'Why women are leaving men for other women,' which naturally peaked my curiosity. Granted, it's a report from oprah.com, but a new buzz word, not coined by Ms. O, is 'sexual fluidity,' based on recent scientific studies by Dr. Lisa Diamond (who also wrote a book on the studies), about women's sexual preferences, which the article discussed.

The studies report that 'fluidity represents a capacity to respond erotically in unexpected ways due to particular situations or relationships. It doesn't appear to be something a woman can control.' Hmmm...fluidity. Is that what they're calling it? Fluid indeed.


(pictured: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson)


Experiments include studying a group of women who were sexually aroused when watching both hetero- and lesbian porn (or, 'erotic films,' as stated in the article), with the conclusion that 'women's sexual desire is less rigidly directed toward a particular sex, as compared with men's,' and that it becomes 'more changeable over time.' I totally agree. Kinda weird though; they're just now doing studies on women's sexuality preferences, when they've been doing studies on men's sexuality preferences for years.

When other women, also part of the studies, were interviewed, Diamond reported that 'many of them say they are attracted to the person, not gender, in terms of traits like kindness, intelligence and humor.' True dat. But wait, did these women also watch the 'films'? Don't get me wrong...but if I'm watching a 'film,' I'm totally not looking at her humor. Hopefully, they did a different experiment to test this one. --Regina

info: cnn.com /image: topnews.in

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