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Artist Katy Horan (@goodyhoran) made the comic, Bodies, the day after the SCOTUS draft was leaked. "I had to get to the root of why it felt so violent and cruel," she explains. "As the owner of a uterus and a sexual assault survivor, these words and images communicate how I have felt about living in this world with a female body since I was a teenager. Moving forward, I want to make comics telling real-life stories of those who have chosen abortion. The anti-choice movement uses grossly oversimplified narratives to dehumanize people who choose abortion. These comics are my way of counteracting that dangerous and disgusting rhetoric by showing that every situation is highly individual, nuanced, and always involves actual human beings."

To continue the project, Katy is starting a series of a short comics to tell the real-life stories of people who choose abortion, and is currently soliciting abortion stories to illustrate


Please enjoy Katy's comic, below.



by Katie Horan












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