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This might be the weirdest sex toy we’ve seen—and that’s saying something.

Adult game maker Nutaku (as in online hentai games, not sexy dice or anything) has released a sex toy called the “Flick’N’Jerk,” modeled on your favorite toy from elementary school, the Bop-It Extreme. Like the Bop-It Extreme, the Flick'N'Jerk has four handles with a different toy on each end. Unlike the Bop-It Extreme, these toys are meant to come into contact with your genitalia and anus. There’s a 12-inch dildo, a vibrator, a "stroker" (aka an off-brand Fleshlight), and a butt plug (or, as Nutaku calls it, “blissful booty bling”). 


This is what it looks like:

flicknjerk 925d4via Nutaku

As if that wasn’t enough, its tagline is “Do you have what it takes to rub on it, suck on it, ride on it, plug on it, and pound on it?!”

Did you hear that tagline in the ‘90s Bop-It commercial voice? I did.


According to Motherboard, Nutaku announced the toy in celebration of National Masturbation Day on May 28th. But there are a few issues—maybe because, as Mashable reports, the "Flick'N'Jerk" is Nutaku's first real-life product. And it shows. As Gizmodo points out, “Anyone with a vagina could tell you that the vibrator intended for clitoral stimulation is facing the wrong way.” Oops?

top photo: "vintage" Bop-It Extreme via Etsy

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