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If you record yourself getting sexy, remember to safeguard your privacy

Even if you’re still rockin’ a flip phone, the thought of making your own sexy videos has probably crossed your mind once or twice. Recording yourself in flagrante can be a hot fantasy, but the ramifications of what happens when NSFW media leaks are very real. So if you want to take your passion and make it happen, there are some important details to keep in mind.

According to Claire Cavanah, co-founder of the feminist sex shop Babeland, amateur porn makers should start off by discussing what everyone involved wants from the experience. “Do you want private masturbation material?” she asks. “Is it for the two of you only, or do you want to share it online? Trust and communication are the most important factors. You’ve each got to know that your partner is going to respect your boundaries around whatever footage you record and how the video is handled afterward.” You should also talk about identifying details. Decide beforehand on whether you’ll keep it below the neck or what to say in the throes of passion; consider covering birthmarks or smaller tattoos with Band-Aids or makeup.

You also need to agree on how to store the footage and whether you’ll be sharing it. The safest thing to do is to keep your goodies entirely offline, including email and cloud storage. Stash your sexy times on a flash drive or on a password-protected personal computer that you both have access to. Before you begin, have a serious tête-à-tête about different scenarios, like if one of you wants it deleted, or if you break up.


Last but never least, express yourself! Get creative with lighting (fluorescent lighting is not your friend), add toys, experiment with angles, and play dress-up so the final product will be a skin flick that makes both of you hot.

– Jessica Wakeman 


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