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If you’re active on social media today (and if you’re not, we don’t blame you), then you’ve probably seen people tweeting about the IUD. As you probably know, the IUD is a small, t-shaped device inserted into the uterus, containing either copper (like ParaGard) or progestogen (like Mirena). It prevents pregnancy for three to five years, depending on the brand.

Donald Trump will be sworn in as president on January 20th, 2017. You should seriously think about getting an IUD before then.


“Getting an IUD now—right now—is a simple move that can at least get a lady who isn’t ready to be a mother through the next legislative term as unpregnant as possible,” wrote Erin Gloria Ryan at the Daily Beast earlier this month.

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She’s right. Here’s why.

1. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are going to do their best to limit access to abortion.

Trump and Pence have been open about wanting to limit access to abortion, and they may even manage to repeal Roe V. Wade by appointing conservative judges to the Supreme Court. IUDs have a low rate of failure: 0.2-0.8%, according to the CDC; for comparison, the pill’s failure rate is 9%, condoms are 18%, and female sterilization is 0.5%. If you don’t want to have a child in the next four years, the IUD is one of the best ways to do that.

2. Trump and Pence also going to make it harder to get birth control.

Trump and Pence have also made their stances on birth control pretty clear: They don’t like it. And they’re going to try to limit women’s access to it.
If you’re on the pill, you’re probably going to have to start paying for it.

3. Birth control pills are currently free under the Affordable Care Act, but Trump plans to repeal the ACA.

The IUD is a one-time payment.

4. Many insurance providers currently cover the devices, but even if they don’t, a one-time payment may be preferable to an ongoing payment for the pill.

Birth control costs can add up, and they will when the ACA no longer covers it.

5. By the time it’s time to remove your IUD, we might have a Democratic president again.

The Mirena lasts for five years. In 2020, we’ll get another chance to elect a president, and maybe — hopefully — America will choose better this time.

6. Because you know that it would make Trump mad.

And fuck him.


Published November 11, 2016

Top photo: Flickr/Sarah Mirk

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