The LigerBeat benefit party this Sat was a raging boner of a success. We raised enough money to print the zine so start getting ready for the LigerBeat release in Feb! The dance floor was insane. Dicks were poppin off at the front door (you got in free is you showed your dick)! Thanks so much for everyone that helped out. We seriously could not have raged so hard without all of you. We have a Ligerbeat blog now! So you ladies can keep up with snuff. The site should be up soon for pre-order issues. A guy bought one for his grandma at the party! Send us some submissions ladies! We need Seventeen style 'Why Mes' but all sexual like, erotica, and dicks! Send illustrations, send dick set up ideas, make us small outfits to put on the dicks, whatever your dirty heart desires. If you know dudes who wanna show the goods please have them email us. It all goes to Also, I know you sweat my outfit! This is what a pornographer looks like. I crafted that dress up for the Oct/Nov 2005 issue of BUST if you wanna get the porn peddler look for yourself. If you came to the party and have some pics send them to us too!

Tags: General , Sex

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