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Evan Rachel Wood has a message to share with you: Stop perpetuating misconceptions about bisexuality. Have you ever felt limited in this life by the constructs of gender roles and rigid sexualities that exist in our society? Evan understands.

In a video, the entertainer expresses her frustration with the LGBT acronym itself, explaining, “There are these letters that represent these groups, but there are a very small number letters to represent a very large spectrum of people and sexualities.”


She then delves into harrowing yet important statistics on women who identify as bisexual, revealing, “nearly half of bisexual women have considered or attempted suicide.” In addition, she speaks on the prevalence of mood disorders, abuse, and poverty in the lives of bisexual women, facts that often fly under the radar. After speaking on statistical trials of bisexual life, Evan tells her own tale of coming out and coming to understand her sexuality. The challenges she has faced while openly identifying as bi come as relatable and refreshing for those pressured every day to conform to “choose” one side of the gender and sexuality spectrums.

Evan is known for her advocacy for the bi community in the United States, especially in her presence on social media:

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“No matter what category you’re put into, we’re all individuals and we all have our own stories,” Evan tells us in her most recent video statement. This is an important reminder for everyone who falls into those shades of gray on the gender and sexuality spectrum. Just because you're not the posterchild for the “Dyke March” at the pride parade or “straight as an arrow,” Evan wants you to know that your identity matters through the telling of her own. Check out the full video below:


Top photo: Evan Rachel Wood in True Blood

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