6 Tumblr Blogs That Put The 'Sex' In 'Sexy'
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"Pornography is about dominance. Erotica is about mutuality."          

-Gloria Steinem 

Porn. The art of documenting sexual acts. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe images of a too-groomed, perfectly waxed couple robotically intertwined—under fluorescent lighting, staged in a hotel bedroom. It’s amazingly thought-out, but there’s an evident disconnect. Their relationship doesn’t seem believable. Doesn’t seem real. And I’m not falling for it. 


There’s something missing in mainstream porn that makes it unappealing to me. It lacks emotion, intimacy, love. All of the things that, to me, make sex meaningful and exhilarating. To me, sex without emotion is boring as f*ck—it’s just sex, two bodies touching and reacting. Anybody can do that. There's nothing special there. 

The majority of mainstream porn is made for men, by men. The desires of women, for the most part, are not taken into consideration. 

Porn doesn’t interest me. Doesn’t make me feel, anything. I don’t seek it. That is—until I discovered Tumblr porn.

A 2013 report showed that of Tumblr’s 200,000 most popular blogs, 11.4 percent (around 22,775) focus on erotic adult content. And the majority of these blogs' viewers are young women between the ages of 18 and 29.

Why is Tumblr’s erotic content so appealing to women? Most of Tumblr porn is made for women, by women. The images are visually stimulating without demeaning the female body. The pictures feel candid, safe, warm. They aren’t littered with fake, offensive sh*t I don’t want to see.

Tumblr provides a special kind of sexual content for its viewers—an endless collection of pictures and GIFs expressing sex in a genuine, irresistible way. It’s more relatable to me than mainstream porn. More realistic, personal, and sensual. Although the images still objectify the female body, they expose the essence of sex in an artistic, tasteful way.
Tumblr sex is the kind of sex that makes me believe in love.

My dating life has been nonexistent lately. So, I turned to Tumblr, seeking something to fill the void—something that would provide the kind of spark a romantic relationship usually gives me. Living vicariously through Tumblr proved to be very exciting and satisfying. And I want to share my findings with you guys. Enjoy. 

1. Paper Stars will give you all the feels.

FullSizeRender3Tumblr, Paper Stars

2. Moan-s captures the little sexy moments you crave.

FullSizeRender 13 copyTumblr, moan-s

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Tumblr, moan-s

3. Porn-ish gets sensual and striking.

FullSizeRender 18Tumblr, porn-ish

4. Afro-Sensual Erotica displays intimacy in the best way.

FullSizeRender8Tumblr, Afro-Sensual Erotica

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FullSizeRender9Tumblr, Afro-Sensual Erotica

5. Good-sexmm looks like very good sex, indeed.

FullSizeRender 24Tumblr, good-sexmm

FullSizeRender 29Tumblr, good-sexmm

6. Girl Love portrays lesbian romance at its finest.

FullSizeRender1Tumblr, Girl Love

FullSizeRender2Tumblr, Girl Love

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