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The GoodVibes Pleasurette

Size: It is the mini, you know.
Length: 4”
Girth: Probably gets mistaken for a butt toy.
Shape: It looks like a rocket. A rocket that can fit in your pocket.
Sound: bz. Bzz. BZZ.
Strength: Small but mighty.
Satisfaction: I’m feeling disgruntled.

The Pleasurette is mini, it’s waterproof, and to me, it’s rather disappointing. 


I gathered myself and prepared for vibrator reviewing, a very studious act indeed. Once I was feeling settled, I began with the first examination: roommate-proofing. I cycled through the setting options I had to choose from — three — before settling on the most powerful, and loudest, of all. My Pleasurette, propped on my bed, buzzed as I left the room, shut the door behind me, and walked through the apartment, trying to hear its buzzing through my thin walls.

I heard it. It could easily be mistaken for your dad working on a car in the garage, unless you do not have a father working on a car in the garage. As the strength of the Pleasurette increases, the sound increases as well.

Here’s the thing about the Pleasurette. It’s small, it’s firm, and it’s kind of pokey. Because of its width, the vibrations are very focused onto a small area, unless of course you are using the Pleasurette horizontally, in which case it’s like you’re putting a hot dog in a bun.

The Pleasurette’s width hindered my enjoyment. If you can find your spot, all is swell, but if you need a bit more coverage from your vibrator, ya screwed. Clit aside, if you have a thing for “just the tip” penetration, the Pleasurette should be short enough to get you there!

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