Tantus Leisure

Size: Kind of a banana?
Shape: Child’s drawing of a penis
Sound: Squelchy
Strength: Ooof
Satisfaction: We’ll talk
Pairs with: A screwdriver

The Tantus Leisure is a dildo for beginners. It’s long and thin and smooth and you can probably put it into any opening you want to with little trouble. It’s harness- and suction cup-friendly, so it’s super versatile, but the fact is, I have about as much interest in this dildo as I do in baseball (so basically, only if it’s portrayed in a scrappy dramedy starring Madonna and Stuart Little’s mom).

However, the dildo is hollow and comes with a small bullet vibe that can fit into its base. That bullet vibe, ladies, is the best bullet vibe I’ve ever experienced in my many years (.25 strong!) of intensive bullet vibe use. It’s super basic: Silver, bullet-y, single speed. But it’s so powerful and simple to use and OMG, it’ll do the job. I put it inside the dildo and put the dildo inside myself, and decided that the bullet vibe was the only toy I had need of. It’s a true staple, like milk or bread or Quaker Instant Oatmeal Dinosaur Eggs Brown Sugar Cereal.

If you’re trying to experiment with bullet vibes, dildos, or both, the Leisure is a good call. It’s approachable but effective. And the dildo will probably make your mother giggle when she sees it in your suitcase!


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