size: a freshly-laid egg by a proud mother hen

shape: bunny head


sound: a moody purr

strength: the little engine that could

satisfaction: mm-hm

pairs with: a very, very stiff pink martini

This vibrator looks like a Neopet.

Just LOOK at this fucking adorable little vibe. LOOK at it. The Jimmyjane Form 2 is like Hello Kitty in a bunny costume, or a Tamagotchi, and it sits in its own dainty charging port. So cute! I named mine Spike, because its color is called “slate” and slate is the color of MYSTERY and DANGER. (Form 2 also comes in hot pink, GEESH SO CUTE.)


I put Spike between my legs, and that was great, too. It's palm-size, so is easy to manipulate, with flexible ears to SURROUND your clit in SENSATION. I think they say something along those lines on its website but that’s the WHOLE TRUTH. Form 2 has dual motors (in each ear) and multiple speed and pulse settings. I couldn’t decide on the ideal positioning of the vibe relative to my body—there are lots of ways that this little guy can fit—but maybe that’s a plus because you’re swimming in OPTIONS. And I’m sure that Spike and I are going to continue to work together to figure it out.

Form 2 is not as quiet as I’d like it to be, but if you’ve got a cheap fan running on high in your tiny Brooklyn bedroom, you’re good to go! That fan will mask the sound completely as it stirs up and redistributes the ass-sweat-infused air around you, creating an erotic aroma like none you’ve experienced before.

This vibe has all the high-quality features one can expect from Jimmyjane: it’s waterproof, body-safe, has a three year warranty, and looks like it was engineered by aliens or the IKEA people. The Form 2 is some definite bang for your buck—a little treat packing quite the punch. It’s easy to clean and you’ll want to wipe it all tenderly like you’re drying off a newly hatched dinosaur baby. This lil’ slugger will treat you right. Just be sure to feed it and clean its poop or whatever.


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