Over 100 women are suing Endo Pharmaceuticals and blaming the company for the negligent packaging that resulted in their unwanted pregnancies. For those unfamiliar with how the pill works, here’s a quick review: you take one pill a day for three weeks, and during the week of your period, you take one placebo pill per day as well. Et voila, no pregnancy.

Oops! Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Endo, incorrectly packaged their pill packs so that women took their placebo pill when they should have been taking the active pills that prevent pregnancies. 

The women are suing for millions of dollars, as CNN reports, “to compensate for their pain, suffering, lost wages, and child-rearing expenses.” As they damn well should. Women have gone through enough to have the right to control their own bodies and reproductive health -- from Barbara’s Seamen’s triumph in getting a warning label added to the birth control pill packs in the 1970s, to the alarming Hobby Lobby victory last year, to the recent attacks against Planned Parenthood that just won’t quit – and deserve to trust in the contraceptives that they've chosen to fit their needs.



Photo via Flickr/Monik Markus


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