An Australian online pharmacy called Chemist Warehouse is getting a lot of blowback for selling a “Virgin Pussy” sex toy, complete with a “realistic hymen just waiting to be popped!” The Daily Mail reported that a group called Collective Shout, which works against the objectification and sexualization of women and girls, encouraged its supporters to speak out against the Chemist Warehouse product. 


Lots of tweets called out the pharmacy for perpetuating rape culture and pedophilia and it was removed from the site, but what everyone is missing is that this gross toy is also currently up for sale on Amazon. For just $33.50 on Amazon you can buy Doc Johnson’s Virgin Palm Pal bundled with a tube of Lelo personal moisturizer.

The product, which has since been removed from Chemist Warehouse's site had a description that read, “You’ll be her first and only!” and “This Virgin is waiting to be touched for the very first time.”


Not only is this toy encouraging pedophilia by sexualizing the vaginas of young girls, it is also maintaining the “virgin fantasy” that holds women hostage in the two categories of a Madonna or a whore. Sex toys are a great thing, but when they are misogynistic–not cool.


Creating this built up fantasy around virgins is disgusting, and if Chemist Warehouse came under fire for it, I say why not Amazon and Doc Johnson as well.

Unleash your anger at the sale of this just plain yucky sex toy!

Photos via Amazon and Twitter/@coraliealison.

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