The tampons have eyes in this Swedish music video– they are dancing tampons teaching kids about menstruation. From the Swedish television station Barnkanalen, catchy musical clips like these are combatting the stigma of periods by emphasizing that they're a healthy sign the body is functioning correctly. Alex Hermansson, one of the show's hosts, sings along, declaring we should "Hip Hip Hooray for Period!" while tampons dance. 

Cute right? At the end, it kind of looks like Hermansson is thinking about taking a bite out of the tampon, but it's cool. Hip hip hooray for periods! 

The kid's television station has released sex education clips before to teach tots about their body parts. Earlier this year there was one that featured a dancing penis and vagina. Sweden has had compulsory sex education programs since 1956, with extensive education about consent, according to The GuardianSounds a lot better than the United States' history of ineffective abstinence only sex education, right? 

Video via The Guardian.

Photo via Barnkanalen.

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