In 1966, U.S. News and World Report asked: “Is the Pill regarded as a license for promiscuity? Can its availability to all women of childbearing age lead to sexual anarchy?” Did you laugh? I did. Ready for another laugh? People believe that Gardasil, the vaccine for HPV, will make you promiscuous... and should therefore be avoided.

I’m not kidding! It’s 2015 and people still fear the false relationship between reproductive health technology advancements and promiscuity. I know, those things are terrifying. I have nightmares about promiscuity.


But I have some good news, everyone! Another study, although there have been plenty in the past, has proven once again that Gardasil is a safe vaccine! It doesn’t lead to promiscuity - they actually conducted a study on that - and other than the occasional fainter, and mild skin infections, it’s pretty harmless. Unless, you know, you have a preference for genital warts and cancer?

Gardasil is a safe vaccine. It is a vaccine that can protect you and many others (HPV can be symptomless for years and passed easily from partner to partner) from horrific illnesses, without any side effects. Your call, man. Those promiscuous nightmares can be pretty jarring. 


Image via Mercopress


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