I have three alarms set on my phone to remember to take my birth control pill. Three. And sometimes, I still forget to take my pill. If you also take the pill, you probably understand my struggle. If you don’t take the pill, you probably just think I’m an idiot.


There is a new electronic reminder system to remind you to take your birth control! Oviary is set on a 24-hour clock. When you take your pill, the clock resets. You simply open up the device, pop out a pill, and bam. You’re done for the day. If you’re at risk of forgetting to take your pill, though, Oviary will send you a text to remind you. If you do miss your pill, Oviary will send you a second text, giving you directions on what to do next so that you’re not putting yourself at risk. And when it’s time to pick up your refill? Oviary will remind you. If taken perfectly (and I mean perfectly), the pill is over 99% effective. No babies!!

Oviary is simple to use, and is connected to your phone using an app. You can plug it in or use batteries, and it’s portable for ladies on-the-go. Plus, it kind of looks like an oyster which is always cool. 

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If all you need is a simple text to remind you, Bedsider and Planned Parenthood have text reminders to help you remember to take your birth control. Never forget your pill, patch, ring or shot again.

Images via Kickstarter and Fastcodesign

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