It’s only good vibrations from here on out.  There’s a new bedroom accessory coming (pun intended) and it’s in pursuit of pleasure equality.



DAME Products, the Brooklyn-based sexual health startup has made “the first hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couple’s vibrator” that closes the pleasure gap. EVA has flexible wings that can retract when pressure is put on them, and that makes EVA discreet and versatile. It might be TMI, but the device works because EVA tucks under the labia majora (because we know you were wondering).


On top of its innovative design, the creators of the WALL-E-esque sex toy (don’t pretend like you didn’t notice it looks exactly like Eva) are alumnae from Columbia University and MIT.



When CEO Alexandra Fine and CTO Janet Lieberman realized that they could put and end to pesky, hand-held vibrators, angels descended from the sky and prototype sketches were made. 

Check out the reviews from DAME’s beta-testers in the video below. I’m sure you can already guess what the reactions were. It's clear there is a demand for toys like this, because the indieGoGo campaign made $575,452 when the project only had a $50,000 goal.


EVA won't be released to the public until the spring (going for $115 in the US), but you can pre-order by going to DAME's indieGoGo account (psst, there are perks involved too).



Images c/0 DAME Products 

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