Turns out, February's lousy with unheralded holidays. Beyond Valentine's and Galentine's and Anna Howard Shaw Day, savvy citizens should note National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (happening right now; see our recent coverage), Black History Month (ditto) and the even lesser-known National Condom Awareness fest. Sponsored in part by the American Social Health Organization, Condom Month is dedicated to promoting safe sex. Because as we all oughta know by now, the proper use of protection prevents disease and pregnancy and all sorts of unpleasant surprises. 


But here's a very special did-you-know, in honor of the holiday: according to an excellent piece by Cari Romm in PolicyMic, three condom companies in particular have made great strides towards developing a prophylactic considerate of "global health and women's empowerment," in addition to being "non-toxic, all eco-friendly and [placing] an emphasis on fair labor standards." Just in case you needed MORE reason to put a bird on it.

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It's nice to see some bedroom-product-marketing that doesn't follow the hyper-sexist agenda of, say, Axe (anyone remember those ads where women faint/remove all their clothes when presented with a man cloaked in the sweet aroma of something-like-diesel-fuel?). Below, check out this forward-thinking ad from L. Condoms: 


Image courtesy of DallasBlack.com

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