Cheyenne Randall, a Seattle-based mixed media artist, has knocked the socks off Instagram and Tumblr with his latest project. In the images below, Randall takes classic photos of Hollywood icons and glazes the figures with home-spun tattoos. Ever wondered what Lady Di would look like with a sleeve? Your quest is over. 




Ms. Marilyn Monroe...had she lived on Bedford Avenue, circa 1999.



Audrey Hepburn, had her Roman Holiday been more of a Roman bacchanalia. 



A Rockwellian WW2 worker, had she also maybe enjoyed roller derby. 



This sixties' ad...had it been made in the nineties. 



Natalie Wood, in Portlandia. 




Lucille Ball, had she worked briefly for a circus. 



Debbie Harry, largely true to form. 



Shelley Duvall, as a potentially-savvier wife in The Shining. 




Princess Leia, (still) a bad-ass, but if she'd been influenced by Gutter Punk chic...



Barbra Streisand, as an even FUNNIER girl. 


All good arguments for ink, no? 


Images courtesy of Shopped Tattoos 

Published February 27, 2014