These aren't your Grandmama's porcelain dolls. - BUST

image from enchanteddoll.com

For anyone who loves dolls, or just appreciates art in any form, they should direct their gaze to Marina Bychkova’s Enchanted Dolls.

These life-like miniature works of art are no vinyl Barbie dolls and are, in my opinion, so much more than the polyurethane resin Super Dollfie ball-jointed dolls from Japan. Ms. Bychkova creates these highly articulated (18 movable ball joints), delicately painted wonders out of porcelain (porcelain!)

What really takes the cake for these morsels is reading the artist’s blog. Most of her costumed dolls have a historically inspired back-story and wonderful hand-sewn garments and accessories. Reading Marina Bychkova's thought process and the sheer amount of time and research behind each doll is very inspiring.   

Ms. Bychkova has had quite a few shows in British Columbia and Europe, with the most recent being in Berlin. Here's to hoping that she might one day show in NYC! 


image from enchanteddoll.comP.S. My favorite doll? Cathedral.